Decision Support

“This is really important and we need to make a decision on this quickly. It is going to require the right people, who are all busy and hard to get, and we can’t afford to waste their time or come up with a result that few really believe in. That has happened all to often in the past.”


Develop rapid alignment and focus with effective decision making.


  • Gain insight with powerful analysis and modelling tools
  • Identify and prioritise key issues and opportunities
  • Rapidly achieve genuine consensus
  • Create momentum and commitment to implement the decisions


When to use it

Whenever strong consensus is required among management or stakeholders on identifying and prioritising key issues, opportunities or projects. Genuine agreement on priorities and shared focus on strategies and initiatives are the key outcomes.

  • At the start of the strategic planning cycle
  • As a kickoff for a major initiative, bid or project
  • When a significant issue arises which needs a rapid, focussed response eg a competitive or regulatory challenge, financial or operational challenge or emerging opportunity
  • A new leader or leadership team who need to understand each other and build shared focus.
  • To break through a contentious blockage or resolve an issue fast.


Overall Approach

The detailed design is tailored to the specific situation, but there are two primary variants of this approach:

  1.  Accelerated Business Focus      An intensive, 2 ½ day event which delivers a comprehensive strategic focus and detailed action plans for Key Focus Areas.
  2.  Insight, Focus, Action        A 1 day workshop where a single issue or opportunity is the focus. 

In each the core ingredients are the same, what differs is the breadth of the ground covered and the amount of further work that will be required to follow through on the decisions made.


These core ingredients are:

  • Careful preparation.
  • Innovative analysis and modelling tools to clarify, visualise and gain shared insight.
  • Simple, yet highly refined group analysis and decision making techniques developed over decades of experience and research.
  • Electronic voting technology.
  • Expert facilitation.


Benefits and Deliverables

  • Rapid development of genuine consensus and commitment to Key Focus Areas
  • Detailed, specific action plans using a rigorous process for each KFA
  • Momentum and commitment to the action plans developed
  • The highly refined process:
    • Removes ego and encourages equal participation in a non threatening manner.
    • Has a high degree of rigour.
    • Ensures ideas are opened up and fully explored. Decisions are taken and locked down with complete alignment.
    • Delivers a high yield of creative thinking and innovation.
  • Immediate feedback provided through interactive software and early provision of follow up report.