Rigorous, scientifically-proven methodologies 

“The biggest business breakthrough in 20 years” Terry Hunt, former Chairman of EHSBrann, Europe’s leading direct marketing agency. 

Grounded in the science of Systems Thinking, the methodologies come from years of formal research and alliances with numerous academic institutions, decades of on-the-ground experience across the globe and a very pragmatic desire to achieve real, sustainable results quickly.

Applicable in a wide range of circumstances, cultures and jurisdiction, there are some fundamental features in common which consistently deliver results:

  • Discovery – new insight, stakeholder engagement and lasting change come from providing the tools and the opportunity for those in the organisation to discover for themselves the issues and the relevant solutions.
  • Focus – building genuine consensus around priorities for action is key to mobilising talent and effort effectively.
  • Speed – our clients typically achieve in days and weeks what has taken months and years in the past.  The results are just as robust, our proven approach is simply much more efficient at getting there.

The most common feedback we get from our clients is that they have achieved far more in the short time than they ever thought possible without the apparent need for a major transformation program and an army of consultants.  They have results they can action, a significant lift in the organisational capability and very high value for money.

Most often clients engage Enzyme to:

  • Discover and agree priorities whilst building consensus and momentum for action – policy, strategic and business planning; major issue or crisis response; budget priority setting. –Accelerated Business Focus
  • Customer or stakeholder value discovery; what do they really want, what are their priorities and what do we do to address them?  How do we deliver most “bang for our buck”? –Stakeholder Value Discovery
  • Strategy and policy options testing and simulation using interactive Systems Dynamics models where the complex interplay between both hard and soft variables (eg community wellbeing and cost of programme delivery) can be examined. – Understanding business dynamics
  • Map, analyse and transform processes extremely quickly.  Our systems thinking approach to process improvement generates results in days and dramatic improvements in weeks. – Ultra-Rapid Process Improvement

What distinguishes Enzyme most, however, is the way we engage with our clients.

We do not employ a large number of general consultants to develop and deliver a solution for the client to implement.  Increasingly we find that our clients want a more collaborative approach.  Enzyme brings very high levels of expertise and experience, but our aim is to share our intellectual property and transfer those skills, building the capability for our clients to do this for themselves.  Our clients have very real challenges they need addressing, but they also want to build the confidence and capability to address similar issues in the future.

The primary focus is still to address a pressing concern, but in the process we use a combination of expert consulting, facilitation, formal training and on the job mentoring and support to achieve a lasting result.

This consistently delivers a much higher quality result in a shorter timeframe – immediate value and effective skill transfer. 

Our methodologies bring together a powerful mix of rich quantitive and qualitative data with no assumptions or biases. They have been statistically proven over two decades, so you can be sure your decision-making has a sound basis. However, we do know it is not just about “the methodologies” but about how we engage with you and your organisation to help you address the key challenges you face.