Phase 1 – Discovery and Focus

This is the where all the hard work is done, shared insights developed, plans agreed and relationships forged. It is fast and effective.


POW phase 1


  • Preparation ensures that both sides understand what is proposed, what is achievable and their role in the process. Expectations are set and shared and concerns addressed. This recognises the often sensitive nature of these relationships, and the high stakes.
  • A modified CVD process which is designed to “fit” with the specific account structure and resource availabilities:
    • Senior management Team members have a 1-on-1 interview process which recognises their scarce time availability and provides an opportunity for them to speak freely, anonymously and frankly.
    • User, technical and account team groups participate in a classic CVD (link here)
  • The Partnership Opportunity Workshop is the pivotal step where the senior executive teams come together in a precisely designed event which focuses on agreeing practical, high impact initiatives whilst forging strong, productive relationships:
    • Senior Executive teams discover for themselves, together what the facts are, what kind of relationship they both want and what they can do together.
    • It creates an environment where the major issues can be addressed jointly in an open and direct manner based on hard evidence. This in itself delivers significant opportunity for the relationship to be strengthened and major barriers to progress eliminated.
    • Specific action plans are jointly developed to address the key focus areas and a plan of action going forward is established and agreed.


The key deliverable:


Raised levels of mutual trust and understanding that lead to a readiness to take the relationship to the next level.