Phase 2 – Partnership Development Program

Now we are in a position to measure what matters and ensure that the momentum created in the first phase is maintained and the work continues to deliver results in the areas that matter most. It is a light touch, high impact process which requires minimal resources to maintain.

POW phase 2

During the quarter the initiatives kicked off at the previous joint workshop are tracked and support is raised where needed. In the final month a web based survey is conducted to measure progress against the irritants and value factors.

  • Projects are kept on track and visibility is maintained.
  • An independent measurement is provided on the health of the relationship and progress made against targets.
  • An updated value model is prepared and report produced in preparation for the Quarterly Review Workshop.

At quarter end a Review Workshop with key executives from both sides is held to review the results of the survey, receive a report from each project team, identify remaining/emerging issues and opportunities and jointly plan the next quarter activity

  • Thorough review of progress, issues and opportunities.
  • Refresh the focus for the coming quarter.
  • Maintain the momentum in developing the relationship.
  • Action plans for the next quarter as appropriate.