Customer Value Discovery

“The first critical skill is learning to think in customer value terms – Customer Value Discovery (CVD). Using these techniques, researchers produce much more reliable models. One of the pioneers of this method is Dr Kevin Austin of Australia.”
Dr Karl Albrecht (Excerpt from Corporate Radar)

No other business consulting process I have experienced is so engaging for participants. In our case, the participants were our staff. Enzyme’s techniques required our staff to be engaged the whole way through. As they are the people who had to implement the resulting strategies, they understood how important the CVD process was, and so they became incredibly focused on customer service. Even employees who were tough nuts to crack can hear what their customers say, and so they immediately understand the need for change and accept and work towards this.”
Professor Sue McKnight, Pro Vice Chancellor Learning Resources, University of Canterbury, New Zealand [in interview]

“The Enzyme Customer Value Discovery process elicits deep insight into the key focus areas that matter most and strengthens the business planning and strategy development. It creates a compelling reason for management and staff in the business to engage in the journey for change.”
Jacki Johnson, New Zealand CEO, Insurance Australia Group

“CVD is very in-depth. The affinity diagram is a stand-out, and the touch pad is also great. The resulting Strategy for Action creates buy-in and an incredibly useful template for action. It doesn’t matter what context you use CVD for, no one expects to leave a workshop with a plan that has been voted on and accepted by colleagues. I was blown away by this.”
John Tucker, Former CEO, Standards Australia

“With CVD, we obtained insight and understanding about our brokers who distribute our workers compensation product. The process gave us absolute focus on what we needed to do to dramatically improve the value we deliver to our brokers.

When we implemented the initiatives arising from Enzyme’s process, we increased our targeted broker retention from 71% to 98% and increased our book value by 31%, all within 12 months.”
Les McGregor, Manager Intermediary Services, CGU Workers Compensation

“Over the last 2 years we have achieved a significant turnaround in our company performance. The senior management team is focussed, the organisation understands the key drivers of our success and financial results are beyond target. The substantial reduction in attrition rate has been a fundamental part of that success”.

John Porter, CEO Austar Communications

“It is clearly a ground breaking approach to customer retention with huge potential. I have not seen anything like this before. Congratulations Enzyme”.

Roger Collins, Professor of Management, Australian Graduate School of Management