About Enzyme in general

“Dear Colleagues


At Secretaries’ Board I mentioned how delighted I have been with a small consulting firm called Enzyme, who used an evidence based method to elicit 9000 ideas across DEEWR of what work we could stop or change in the light of budget reductions.


They hosted more than 100 workshops (every branch) as well as all SES and the Executive, they shared their IP, they trained our people to facilitate the sessions.  The sessions are very interesting – much work is done in silence and then they use voting technology for fast prioritisation.


They also do BPR in a very fast way and we have done it for recruitment and will now do it for ministerial correspondence.



Lisa Paul AO PSM


Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

“The biggest business breakthrough in 20 years.”

Terry Hunt, Former Chairman of EHSBrann, Europe’s leading direct marketing agency


No matter what technique Enzyme uses, they always get an outcome. No matter how little time they have, they always achieve buy-in. Their results are always superb.”

John Tucker, Former CEO, Standards Australia [in interview]


“Enzyme are exceptional in delivering on what they are preaching – customer value. When you work with Enzyme, you are listened to and they deliver what you want and need to address for your business turnaround. They deliver outstanding professionalism, flexibility and personal support. In my view, there’s no competitor in terms of the customer insight methodology and the people within Enzyme.”

Jacki Johnson, New Zealand CEO, Insurance Australia Group [from 1 November 2010]


“‘Inspiring’ is how I describe what comes out of Enzyme’s methodologies – it is such high quality.”

Professor Sue McKnight, Pro Vice Chancellor Learning Resources, University of Canterbury, New Zealand [in interview]


“Enzyme International (Australia) provided facilitation for an APEC Capacity-Building Workshop on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Kuala Lumpur … Enzyme’s unique facilitation system ensured the Workshop was engaging, active and catered very well for multicultural groups including giving an equal voice to all members in a situation that could well have been dominated by certain economies or gender.”

Leona Landers, Executive Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra


Enzyme have a compelling proposition and everybody who has been in contact has been very impressed.

Mike Mitchell, Marketing Director, Lloyds TSB Insurance (UK)


“Of all the consultants I used at Telstra, Kevin Austin was one of the most effective. He has a very practical, commercial approach and was right in line with finding ways to make our customers’ experience with Telstra staff a totally positive one. Kevin had the insight, right style and methodology to bring results quickly and with the full cooperation and enthusiasm of our people. With Enzyme’s help we instituted a program called “My Customer, My Job”, and established teams of front line staff to identify customer irritants, to prioritise them, and then empower them to develop solutions to remove the irritants.

The result was a marked improvement in customer service, a reduction in costs and a more satisfied workforce. Higher retention rates meant more experienced people dealing with staff. It was a win-win all the way.”

Charlie Zoi, Former Group MD for Business, International, Wholesale and Regulatory, Telstra


“The piece of work was to help LV radically review and change its working practices and to concurrently reduce our cost base. The approach is completely different to any method I have seen previously and my belief is that we will realise a significant improvement both in terms of the customer experience and the associated costs. The financial analysis which underpins the methodology has impressed our Chief Executive”.

“The financial benefits are likely to be in the region of seven figures ”.

Kevin Durkan, Group Director Membership Services, Liverpool Victoria


“The work really ensured that there was very clear focus at the outset and alignment around our priorities. We achieved our 5 year targets in 3. In my new role I am keen to continue the relationship and repeat the exercise”.     

David White, CEO ReMark


“We achieved a significant breakthrough with retail chemists at API. It really was ground breaking. Now I want to do the same with retail liquor”.

Michael Robson, National Retail Services Manager ALM