Greater insights. Clearer thinking. Accelerated success. 

Our sophisticated, engaging, scientifically-proven tools and methodologies are immensely successful in achieving measurable results for the businesses and organisations we work with. 

Our methodologies work much more rapidly than any comparable business improvement processes. Grounded in the science of Systems Thinking, the methodologies come from years of formal research and alliances with numerous academic institutions, decades of on-the-ground experience across the globe and a very pragmatic desire to achieve real, sustainable results quickly.

Each methodology has been painstakingly developed, tested and proven to bring you experiential sustainable learning, sharper strategic decision making and rapid improvements to your profitability. 

The result? Dramatic transformation, fast. In fact, we look to achieve results within weeks, not months or even longer, as you might expect. The most common feedback we get from our clients is that they have achieved far more in the short time than they ever thought possible without the apparent need for a major transformation program and an army of consultants. They have results they can action, a significant lift in the organisational capability and very high value for money.

What distinguishes Enzyme most, however, is the way we engage with our clients. 

We do not employ a large number of general consultants to develop and deliver a solution for the client to implement. Increasingly we find that our clients want a more collaborative approach. Enzyme brings very high levels of expertise and experience and we will challenge your thinking, but our aim is to share our intellectual property and transfer those skills, building the capability for our clients to do this for themselves. Our clients have very real challenges they need addressing, but they also want to build the confidence and capability to address similar issues in the future.
The primary focus is still to address a pressing concern, but in the process we use a combination of expert consulting, facilitation, formal training and on the job mentoring and support to achieve a lasting result. 

This consistently delivers a much higher quality result in a shorter timeframe – immediate value and effective skill transfer.

Fast, measurable, outstanding outcomes


With our help:

  • An insurer increased its targeted broker retention rate from 71% to 98% and their book value by 31%. The client described our Customer Value Discovery process as giving “absolute focus on what we needed to do to dramatically improve the value we deliver to our brokers”.
  • A Federal Department reduced its operating costs by 20% in 6 months and increased its employee engagement at the same time.
  • A UK insurance group reduced its home insurance attrition rate by 5%, adding £25 millionprofit to its bottom line.
  • An Australian media business reduced its attrition rate within 6 months, instead of 2 years as anticipated, translating to $2.2 million on its bottom line/ 0.1% per month, more than $30 million profit each year.
  • A major retail pharmacy chain piloted new strategies to add value and generate revenue &  reduction in customer churn, increasing its profits by 300% within 18 months.
  • A major standards organisation overcame an 8-year deadlock on a key business process within a few weeks when we mapped their production process in one day, immediatelyimproving productivity by 25%.
  • A national business organisation mapped its key production process within 4 hours, prompting one board member to comment, “For the first time I understand exactly how our process works.”

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