Why It Works So Well


We appreciate that it is as much about the “how” as it is about the “what”. Rigorous methodologies are essential but not nearly sufficient. The business world is full of approaches, methods, tools and frameworks. They range from the simple, pragmatic techniques to all encompassing “ways to success” that create an almost religious fervour in their adherents.


At Enzyme our experience has shown that many of these offer real value in addressing the challenges you face, but that there are some fundamental principles in achieving sustainable, breakthrough results, fast. This is what we build into everything we do for our clients.

  • Discovery, engagement and insight
  • Effective decision making
  • Focus
  • Speed
  • Lifelong organisational learning

A summary of key features of our approach can be found here.


“Don’t  tell someone your truths, let them discover it for themselves”

The approach delivers significant improvement in the degree of empathy of those involved, which drives dramatically increased levels of understanding.  This understanding translates into a growing sense of responsibility to do something, which then opens the way for positive action rather than negative push back.

When people are involved personally with the actual discovery process the level of passion, ownership and determination just skyrocket!  In contrast, when most of us receive a report from researchers or consultants telling us what we already knew the normal response is a ho hum or push back.

Insight comes from understanding.

Effective decision making

This requires the right people, the right process and tools and the right preparation. Done right you get fast, quality actionable decisions. Done wrong you get endless meetings, factional infighting, poor or no decisions, reactive management.


There are 3 components:

  1. Rigorous process
  2. Powerful tools
  3. Expert facilitation


1.       A rigorous process that clearly identifies what has to be done and how the outcome will be achieved. It must build commitment and not division or lip service. It must come to a focus and deliver actionable outcomes. It must be very efficient – people do not have time to waste.


Formal research, decades of refinement and thousands of workshops in all types of sector, organisation, participant and culture around the world sit behind the apparently simple, but highly effective methods we use in our decision making sessions.


2.       The tools must simply and very clearly provide insight into the decision. No drowning in data or obscure, complex confuse-a-grams.


We use systems thinking to optimise outcomes and direct resources to areas of most impact whilst avoiding the unexpected outcomes. . A powerful modelling language helps to visualise what is going on and gain insight as well as to communicate ideas. Finally we use simulation – a safe environment to rapidly test and compare strategies.


Click here for more on our Business Dynamics Modelling.

We also make extensive use of Decision Support Technology which:

  • Dramatically increases speed of decisions without loss of rigour
  • Encourages innovation and creativity in a non-threatening environment
  • Assesses level of support and agreement within a group
  • Reduces wasteful time spent “agreeing” and highlights real differences of opinion
  • Decreases hidden agendas by ensuring anonymity in voting
  • Avoids domination by a particular individual or function
  • Provides the group instant feedback on the spread of opinion


3.       Expert facilitation – you focus on the content of the decision, we focus on the process, guiding the group to the desired outcome. Expert facilitators understand the nature of human interaction, group decision making and the need for discipline yet flexibility. Our job is to create non threatening engagement of key stakeholders where participants have a true voice.


We provide the rigour, discipline and process which keeps participants involved in a highly productive manner. The techniques have been refined over many years and hundreds of different settings and work across countries, cultures, languages and socio-economic backgrounds.


Military strategists have known the power for thousands of years of having clear targets, everyone pulling in the same direction and the focus of energy (firepower) on the key spots.  However, modern business continually fails to learn the lessons.  We often fail to articulate what success looks like, fail to get alignment and agreement from everyone in an organisation and then fail to focus our energies on what really matters by trying absolutely everything and hence diluting our efforts in execution.

It is a natural consequence of our insight driven, collaborative decision making techniques that focus is not only discovered but also genuinely supported.


Whether it is gaining customer insight, deciding strategic or operational options or achieving real breakthroughs in process performance, speed is of the essence. Organisations using our help consistently achieve results in timeframes they would not have thought possible.

Executive teams that have been grappling with an issue, often for a long time, find they achieve more in a day than they have in many weeks of deliberations and meetings. One group completed a negotiation in 4 weeks that had been going on for 7 years.

We have helped transform processes in a matter of weeks, where more traditional approaches take months.

Typically our Customer Value Discovery process is delivering actionable strategies in 8 to 10 weeks from initial planning, including all the workshops involving the customers.

Sustainable change – lifelong organisational learning

Sustainable change requires a number of factors to work in concert.  Management and staff need to become skilled in proven frameworks, tools and methods that deliver continuous improvements and step changes.  They need to be able to learn from others who have gone before them, so they minimise reinvention and wasted time and costly mistakes.  Knowledge management has been a way of life for Enzyme and its clients for many years, long before the term became used widely.  Lessons learned from multiple industries and clients from around the globe are shared with participants in order to stimulate thinking.

The Enzyme way is to “teach you how to fish” rather then “feed you fish”.  Enzyme and its strategic partners believe in skills transfer and capacity building to significantly increase the internal capabilities of our clients to enable sustainable improvement.

We have programs for the structured transfer of the appropriate knowledge, skills and tools:

  • Courses conducted by our strategic partners
  • In-house programs conducted for your staff
  • Ongoing Coaching and mentoring